Welcome to The Winscombe Round

What is the Winscombe Round you ask yourselves?

Over many years of walking in the Mendips, people have talked about The Winscombe Round, a 32 km (20 miles) route that takes in the hills that surround the Village. So what is this mystical route, how long is it and how long does it take? The purpose of this website is to define a route and to provide the information needed for those who are up for a challenge, or just a new walk.

But why have a Website which shows just a single route when there are so many paths out there. So in this Website there’s a series of routes starting at just 12 km and working up to 35km for the full round, all starting and finishing in the village of Winscombe. Doing these will help you build up to the full round. If you do them all, in all the possible permutations, there’s 22 of them (possibly).

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(The Walks)

Leading on from the walks it came to mind that wouldn’t it be good to provide a forum for people to add information about the route. So ‘blog posts’ have been added to allow the site to grow over time. The blogs are broken into five categories

  • The Gallery – Pictures from around the Rounds, at different times of the year and in all types of weather
  • The Ground Below – What is the geology of the area: the rocks, mines, and caves etc etc ?
  • The Nature Above – What could you come across on the Rounds: the animals, insects, plants, fungi etc etc ?
  • The History Around – What history do you pass on the way: buildings, settlements, remains, life etc etc ?
  • The Step Stories – Stories from around the Rounds by those who may have been on them
Crook Peak
Kings Wood
Dolebury Warren

Why not think of something yourself and write a few words under one of the categories above or send a selection of photos.

The Winscombe Round

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