The Step Stories

Stories of steps around The Rounds

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Have you got a story to tell, it could be about how you were able to achieve one of The Rounds or of what you did or found on the way.

The Dolebury Butterflies

The whole area which the Winscombe Round encircles is great for spotting wildlife and in particular Butterflies.  Many of the reserves that you pass through are really good for these little fluttery winged insects. So much so, that throughout the summer months (April to September) a band of volunteers carry out surveys to count how…

A Virtual Replacement of Ten Tors 2021

In a ‘normal’ year next weekend on the 8th May would have seen 2500 youths setting off on a 2 day challenge across Dartmoor put on by the Army.  However, sadly as it still isn’t ‘normal’ the event has been cancelled for the second year running.  Locally there is a great tradition of Scout Groups…

Why does the route go where it does?

When looking at possible routes for The Winscombe Round challenge a set of rules were followed, and like all good rules these could be broken if necessary. These were: Going over as many hills as possible whilst still in view of WinscombeKeeping fully to public accessible paths and access landKeeping away from the Mendip Way…