The Rounds

To allow everyone to do as much as they feel like doing from the one Winscombe Round there are many options.

  • Firstly you can start where you like but all the GPX files start on the Winscombe Railway Bridge and go North.
  • Secondly you can do A Quarter or A Half or A Full or a quarter plus a half making A Three Quarters
  • Thirdly you can do it Clockwise or Anticlockwise
  • Fourth you can do the Western Side or the Eastern Side of Winscombe or do a Central bit
  • And finally you can start going South from Winscombe Bridge

That makes 22 different routes starting at The Bridge.

You can just do the Winscombe Round starting anywhere around the loop but please avoid the ‘honey pot’ carparks and please respect the residents of the area (human and non human alike).

Watch out for the bonus loop near Kings Wood car park which takes you down to the railway walk through a tunnel and back up through the Slader’s Leigh Nature Reserve.

Footpath Diversion at Rhodyate Farm, Banwell – Please look at our news page about a path diversion around Rhodyate Farm which adds a further 400m to most of the walks.

A full description on the Full Round Starting at Winscombe and going clockwise has been write with a downloadable file click on the button to get to this page.

The different lengths of the routes are grouped into different steps with each step getting longer , with more ascent and of course descent. The times are only an estimate using 4km per hour with an additional 1min per 10 meters climb with no allowance for breaks. Use the menu on the sidebar to select a route. On each route page you will find a picture of the route, profiles and a GPX file which you can download within a zip file. Don’t forget over time more information about the routes may be added so don’t forget to look at the ‘blogs’

Over time route descriptions will be added along with additional photos. Don’t forget you can send in your own stories or items about wildlife, history, geology plant life etc etc.

Don’t feel you have to follow the routes shown, as there are many short cuts and additional long cuts if you want. If you can do this it would be great as many of the paths are getting very worn or eroded which doesn’t help the ecology of this fantastic Area Of Natural Beauty.