A Virtual Replacement of Ten Tors 2021

In a ‘normal’ year next weekend on the 8th May would have seen 2500 youths setting off on a 2 day challenge across Dartmoor put on by the Army.  However, sadly as it still isn’t ‘normal’ the event has been cancelled for the second year running. 

The Start of a normal Ten Tors Challenge after 6 months of training

Locally there is a great tradition of Scout Groups taking part in the event, which is for youths between the ages 14 & 19 walking either 35, 45 or 55 miles in the 2 days, on their own and being completely self-sufficient including an overnight camp on the moor. 

Last November teams started their training in the hope that the event could take place but training generally hit the buffers in the New Year until Easter.  However everyone; leaders, scouts and parents were really keen that something should happen as a replacement and so the Virtual Ten Tors Mendip Hill Challenge was born.

So next Saturday on the 8th May at 7am, in the early morning rain or shine, 15 teams of 6 of local Scouts will set off walking the Winscombe Round visiting 10 checks points on the way, covering 35Km and climbing the equivalent height of Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) 1085 meters.  Different groups are starting at different places to ensure groups of people remain low but they are all doing the same route and hoping to complete the walk by 6pm.  They will be doing this unaided from leaders and parents to make it into a real challenge and it will be up to them to plan the route and keep going at a team throughout the day.

If you are out next Saturday, on part of the route and see groups of Scout walking with big smiley faces that what they are doing so give them a big smiley face back.